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david a. parker a.k.a. dave, DP, dap, d-funk

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i lead R&D at Novacoast. at UC Santa Barbara i studied computer science from the college of creative studies, linguistics (minor), and business economics (masters). at the moment i am 41 years and 254 days old.


my current project is a computer-based music jukebox with movie-size touchscreen, gps navigation, portable internet connectivity with theft protection, and car diagnostics/statistics tracking. it has replaced the factory stereo in my car and is powered by linux and mostly open source software. check it out.


burrito book
the infamous mats olson and i set out to rate every burrito in santa barbara, california (partial list).
getting feisty with crock pots
featuring (usually) square sauceless pizzas.
only the ones i don't burn make it here.

photo gallery

causing general ruckus, life at ucsb, and the one i'm most proud of, henry with the ghostbusters.
and of course the quesadilla parties: qpXI · qpX · qpIX · qpVIII · qpVII · qpVI · qpV · qpIV · qpIII · qpII · qpI


cairns, cape tribulation
new zealand
north and south islands
10 days, oranim birthright group 398
spain, greece, the rest of europe, brazil, east coast, thailand, india, israel

retired projects

babelfish for databases: essentially perl DBI for C.
linux with no BS. without this there would be no Ubuntu.
a digital broadcasting suite originally written for Brentwood Radio
catalogs your mp3 collection with customized report styles.


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